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Behind the Kitchen Door - Book Review

Behind the Kitchen Door cover

Book Review:  “Behind the Kitchen Door “ by Saru Jayaraman

All of us are familiar with the “front” people at restaurants – those who take our orders, who serve us our meals, who pour our water for us, who serve us our wines and drinks, and tempt us with tasty tarts.  But do we really know them?  Even the waitstaff that know and recognize us as big tippers.  Do we really know them?  Probably not. Read more about Behind the Kitchen Door - Book Review »

Religion Taught at Harvard

Myths and Legends

Back in 2010, Newsweek magazine had an article about Harvard University and religion courses.  It seems that there are certain professors who believe that for a person to be “well-educated”, they should understand how religions play such an important role in many societies.  However there are others who feel that religion should not be taught on the same level as science and other courses of higher learning. Read more about Religion Taught at Harvard »

Obama's Eulogy of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

If you are like me, you can absorb and retain and assimilate much more by hearing and at the same time reading.  So here is a link to Obama's eulogy of Nelson Mandela and also a transcript.  (It's rather hard to hear amid all the cheering.)


  Read more about Obama's Eulogy of Nelson Mandela »

Sustainability and Humanism

Sustainability Speres of Financial, Environmental, and Social

Back in 2009 I went for training at the United Nations Centre in Vienna, Austria.  This was to be certified in being a consultant for the United Nation’s Global Compact within the developing countries.  This was the only agency of the United Nations that is tasked with promoting businesses in the developing countries.  Developing Countries are those countries who are more economically stable than the Least Developed Countries, but are not at the level of the Most Developed Countries like the US.  Least Developed Countries is a preferred name to “Third World Countries” wh Read more about Sustainability and Humanism »

Idolatry and Blasphemy

This morning, while lying in bed, I was thinking of writing a blog on Idolatry and Blasphemy.  I then was later reading some of the blogs on the Concord Area Humanists site and discovered to my surprise a blog post on blasphemy by Ellery.  This was a copy of an address he gave on Blasphemy Day, September 30, in 2012 at the Massachusetts Beirut Memorial.  If I weren’t a Humanist, I would have sworn that this was a sign from the realms of the supernatural to “Go forth and declare”.  (smile) Read more about Idolatry and Blasphemy »

I Don't Want to be Labelled a "Humanist"

What is a label but a gauzy screen hiding the reality and truth giving us impressions rather than distinctions?  Labels only obfuscate issues and allow for miscommunications when communications are most important.  Labels are good for broad-brush descriptions or discussions from the “50,000 foot level”.  What does the label “Humanist” mean to different people if not different concepts?  I cannot know that a person to whom I am speaking knows the definition according to the American Humanist Associatio Read more about I Don't Want to be Labelled a "Humanist" »