CAH Beginnings

The Concord Area Humanists got started early in 2009. Several friends who are members of the Unitarian Universalist First Parish in Concord advertised their intent to start the group and, on a snowy Thursday, January 8th, 46 people attended the "Founding Meeting".

Pictures from the Founding Meeting, January 8, 2009.

Photos by Rose Ruze


Following the founding meeting, ten people volunteered to be on the Steering Committee and CAH was off and running. In the first year, meetings were potlucks and small discussions in members' homes. In 2010, CAH began its association with The Wright Tavern Center and meetings moved into that public space. 2010 also saw the start of CAH's group, and monthly small group meetings at the Concord Public Library in the Trustees Room.

Here are more pictures from 2009, CAH's first year:

February 19, 2009 Reception

Photos by Rose Ruze


February 28, 2009 Potluck. Topic: Introduction to Humanism.

Photos by Rose Ruze


May 12, 2009 Potluck - Topic: Can One be Humanist and Christian?

Photos by Rose Ruze


June 13, 2009 Potluck. Topic: Our 13.5-billion year Great Story.

Photos by Petra Betts



About Pat

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Patrick Everett is one of the founders of Concord Area Humanists and president of the steering committee. He is a retired engineer/scientist and a long-term member of First Parish in Concord. Pat and his wife live in Concord.

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