Video for "Positive Humanism" with Bo Bennett

On December 3, 2014, CAH hosted Bo Bennett speaking on "Positive Humanism".

We had an excellent turnout of about 50 people. Bo brought copies of his newest book, "Positive Humanism: A Primer", that he gave to attendees. We also learned that Bo has created a free online course on his website, a good way to go deeper into the book's subject matter than we had time for at this meeting.

From the book description on

Positive humanism is an applied secular humanistic philosophy based on the scientific findings of positive psychology that focuses on personal, professional, and societal flourishing. As an applied philosophy its focus is on ideas that lead to increased well-being. As a secular humanistic philosophy, there are no appeals to the supernatural, the magical, or the mystical. The philosophy is founded on reason and critical thinking. The philosophy is science-based, meaning it is void of the unsupported and/or exaggerated claims and the constant confusing of correlation with causality often found in the self-help genre. The philosophy is grounded in the theories of positive psychology, which is the study of the positive side of the mental health spectrum—human flourishing.

Without further ado, enjoy Bo Bennett's presentation.


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