January 2013

Is Evolution a Religion?

Picture credit Leo Reynolds on Flickr

IDists claim that there is an "intelligent design" view and that evolution is "an equal religion". They usually say "Darwinism". Of course, there is no such thing as "Darwinism", this is a word made up by IDists to label those who do not accept their views. Let's consider what characterizes traditional religions and whether evolution is a religion. Read more about Is Evolution a Religion? »

Into a Post-Theological Age

David Niose, in his article "The Post-Theological Umbrella," in New Humanist, January/February 2008, cited a friend suggesting we could improve the attractiveness of Humanism by moving into the post-theological age, by avoiding the old theological terms such as Atheist, Non Theist, God, etc. "When people ask me about atheism," she said, "I just tell them I consider myself post-theological." Read more about Into a Post-Theological Age »